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Shadow Lair 


My name is Mordessa and I am the Queen of Halloween. 

Halloween is my favorite holiday. And over the past decade or so my obsession with creating a spooky, even scary environment for my visitors has grown considerably. I take my love of theater/film set design and do what I can to create a chilling environment in my home. 

When I lived in a house, my now x-husband and I would haunt the entire house including professional lighting, sound, fog and jump and scares. We would then open the house to all our neighbors and invite them in to scare them... and then give them warm apple cider and cookies. 


The haunts I've been able to do over the past 3 years have been limited to the space of my apartment both for the haunt itself and the work space, but I am hoping to eventually find a space where I can set up a public haunt for the people of my lovely little town of Sala, Sweden.

This is a temporary website I am setting up quickly in order to show pictures of past years' haunts to those who are interested. A more permanent blog is in the works though!


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